Do I need a driver on my day of surgery?

You will need someone to drive you home after any intravenous or general anesthesia is used. Also, you should not drive if bandages or swelling might temporarily impair your ability to see.

What should I wear on my day of surgery?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing on your day of surgery. Button up shirts and blouses are best. Leave all jewelry at home including body jewelry. If you wear corrective lenses, please do not wear contact lenses and instead wear glasses. If you must wear your contact lenses, please bring solution and a case for easy removal and storage while at Seascape Surgery Center. Do not wear any makeup or nail polish.

What does my surgery fee include?

The surgery center fee covers all of the equipment, supplies, anesthesia drugs, perioperative medicines, staff and services we provide for you before, during, and after your surgery (It does not include your surgeon’s fees). In the case of medical procedures (covered by insurance), the amount of this “facility fee” is determined by your insurance company. We will collect your copay, co-insurance, or deductible amounts on the day of surgery, as directed by your insurance company.

What insurances do you accept?

We are pleased to partner with most major insurances. To view the complete list of insurance companies we participate with click here.

Who can accompany me to my surgery?

We invite you to bring one family member or friend on your day of surgery. In addition to being a driver, they can help listen to post-operative instructions and answer questions.

What should I do if I suspect I am pregnant?

Notify your surgeon to find out if you should undergo surgery.

What should I bring with me on my day of surgery?

  • Bring insurance cards, driver’s license/photo ID, completed billing forms, copayments
  • All medications (this may help if any medication questions arise)
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing
  • Eyeglasses case or contact lens case and solution
  • Driver (if applicable)

What should I do if I do not feel well on my date of surgery?

If you are not feeling well, we recommend calling your surgeon’s office as soon as possible. They may choose to postpone your procedure if you are sick.