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Grow Your Surgical Practice with Seascape

At Seascape Surgery Center, we are committed to partnering with surgeons who want to provide their patients with the highest level of care possible.

Each of our three spacious operating rooms feature controlled temperature and humidity, electronic operative notes and customizable music.

We represent you with our sophisticated, state-of-the-art facility, including an impressive waiting area for your patients with reef tank aquariums and free Wi-Fi.

We protect you with our high-level staff, protocol failsafes, and compulsive safety protocols. Our focus is preventing problems and adverse outcomes.

We are pleased to offer multiple operating rooms to allow for quick case turnover for numerous and complex cases.

Our large post anesthesia care unit has multiple stations per OR to facilitate seamless case turnover.

Flexible and Easy Scheduling:
Available 5 days a week, any start time
Set up cases as needed, or reserve regular “block” times
Staff surgeons are provided a secure login for scheduling patients online via our surgeon portal.

Also, Seascape Surgery Center:
Offers competitive pricing for cosmetic procedures
Accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicare

If you are interested in discussing credentialing, we invite you to tour our facility. To get started, please contact:

Julie Bowman
(813) 867-0800